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i wanna be a princess
all pink and powder blue
i wanna have my diamonds
all sparkly and gleaming too
i wanna paint my toe nails
pink as pink can be
i wanna dress real pretty
walk around be lovely
i wanna sip a toodie
just cause i can i will
i wanna dance all night for you
spin and spin make you reel
i wanna hear that ditty
those words bend over please
i wanna see that sparkle
smiling up or down at me
i wanna be real naughty
oh so sweet and divine
i wanna be a real bad girl
ride a pony
ride it real hard just right
i wanna have some fun
play and play and sparkle too
i wanna eat some yummy
a lot if i have my way you
i wanna be that naughty
needs a spanking real real bad
red is the color that will do just fine
wanna be that girl
gives all that to you


i am being bad .. religion was a big part of my upbringing .. i know i write naughty stuff and such .. but that stuff is reserved lol silly concept i know lol lol  .. My mind devises those things that i would and will do when i meet my MAN .. poor baby he will suffer so .. lol lol <3 oh for a vera vera long time .. a moan is considered pain RIGHT .. lol lol 🙂