Meow meow, purr purr



meow meow purr purr

sophisticate four leg purr purr

see me swaying showing you

coat’s aglistening

got so many yes aplenty

and oh so pretty 

got some white

silk to touch

got some black

reflecting back

got some stripes

wanna touch maybe bites

got so many just in case

feel the need

to prance and make

sometimes need

to just shine

hear those coo’s

telling me truth

that i am

the prettiest girl

different unique

their precious pearl

see me me..

from a distance

give a show

let you see

prancing around

being me

need my due

kitty cat slew

meow meow ..purr purr

need some loving

want some petting

always willing and ready


purr purr


HAPPY DAY GUYS .. i dreamed i was a kitty cat last night ..  lol and my master was watching me prance around and i laid on his lap and he was petting me ..telling me i was a good girl silly stuff i dream lol lol 🙂 …