Fabric of Time

37613-1920x1200are we responsible

for what we say we do

but do we truly see

what we rant and spew

which is reality

which is fairy tale

which window is open

bares a truth regaled

words simplistic what

itching stitching one two

who is it affecting what

can we possibly do

is it me or is it you

fabric tears and rips

stopping time and sense

sparkles like any other

one rise’s above the rest

can do all can say and see

just keep moving stitching one

material changes each time

but always come back to that one

can be done to the senses

to move to live a happy life

take the hand given

ride it for your life

smile trying daily

sew that perfect line

not that endless stitch

but the one that has arrived


Jay  is taking me out on the town, have not found my perfect material for my New Year’s outfit yet .. but i shall tomorrow i am sure .. well must get ready ..Thanks so much for reading my work .. Have fun tonight and stay safe ..Mostly hold your lady close and make her feel loved and wanted .. <3