only made of tiny pieces

put together glued to recces

million parts trying to fit to live

clicking in and out like a tether

some of gold some of steel

some so pure beg to steal

so many here so many there

all around those puzzles dare

some piece try and try

put that part deep down inside

make it fit see it grow

watch that tiny piece glow

no matter what you say or do

some puzzle pieces don’t see truth

fit into this tiny box saying trying

put me together show that alot

some fit and some do not

tied in knots finding that piece

so many puzzles there be it seems

sometimes one tiny piece

falls away can’t be caught nor seen

flutters down and down again

along the way you see all things

just one puzzle no no there’s more

there’s one million in one million

trillion more that tiny puzzle part

indescribable puzzle WE CALL LIFE


sweet dreams ..