long pigtails blue blue dress
bows so pink eyes bayet
little socks patent shine
skip a hop, hop a skip
rainbow colors big big big
bouncy ball, jump a rope
run the run, don’t be told
faster faster, beat you now
see who wins, take a bow
giggle wiggle hair a mess
one more time, are we there yet
candy please, only taffy
good girl day, smile the smile
run again and again
tired now, wanna come in
mommy daddy so so tired
want to be warm by the fire
eyes so small, light to dark
what a day, what a start
sure is great
sure is grand
just to be
little me


this world is so harsh and the reality of it hurts my heart. i was always different you see…i used to try so hard to be like everyone else ..follow the pack, but i was always the leader, just happened that way .. always had to be strong and tough, but sometimes i want to be Fancy and just play and run and dance and smile and share love … that is all she wants .. It has taken me so long be ok with who i am … LOVE AND LIGHT TO U ALL <3 spread some happy, always someone who needs it .. <3


i shall ride my bike to the park today and draw .. listen to my spotify .. lol lol the gym is too crowded on Saturday’s until way later .. i dance on the roof of the building now .. it is an amazing view the sun the breeze ..dancing till i drop and i can be ME .. WONDERFUL gym i have .. lol lol 🙂