Infinite Gift…

2015 - 1
(said by the man)

ignite silent passion
for temptation sight
burn beyond recognition
fire’s desire rights
chase race beating
quicken tangible breathe
gaze afar measures
no longer laid to rest
yes,look upon me
look in my eyes
let me enthrall you
show you all you aspire
arms to protect you
strength to endure
look at me my darling
give in…give me
fighting a malstrom
let me ignite you
let me give this gift
let me give you pleasure
you can no longer resist
yes, my little darling
passion desire’s storm
only i can melt
only i can smolder
only i can risk
burning passion holding
burn for you
yearn for you
i command you give
upon that possession
mine you are ever will
as i said my darling
time has gone spent
to take what’s mine
hands mouth and lips
soon feel my ownership
my brand upon your soul
resistance is futile
look me in the eyes
time to tame my fire
sated kisses flaming dire
for i swear my darling
with my last breathe
shall show you love
show you worlds dreamed
i will be your champion
never doubt you shall be infinite gift…



good morning and happy day to u all .. thanks so very much reading my work .. humbles a soul i tell u 🙂 Now go spread some happy, someone always needs it .. Dentist today yuck lol hehe .. 🙂