I AM ..

remember that i loved you
with all that i am
remember that my eyes
held only you deep within
remember my laughter
the smiles that were only for you
remember that it my heart beat
that day i saw realiazed the truth
remember that days will pass
here is where you will always be
remember that a my heart
beats in time for only you
remember that those words
said to spear out of fear
remember that time fly’s
no reality is truly realized
remember that i did truly did
love you with all that i am


*i write love ballads* .. this one is of a woman who is away from her man, and she wonders if he will remember how much she loves him while she is away lol  .. silly romantic stuff as usual .. someday i will meet my great love .. and all my poems will be for him and only him ..I just have not met him yet .. but i will .. 🙂 i BELIEVE .. always will