shine so bright
some not so
some even surpass
life’s glow
possession true
truth so fine
have a special
gift in time
may not see
what others do
know your gift
hold it true
what is your
what is your
what is your
life’s demand
no matter
your gift is be
it is a special
gift indeed
some possess
adonis peak
some posses
pen to breast
some even say
conquered life
that is their gift
that is their plight
because you see
each gift indeed
it is a curse
it is the seed
moving circles
in life’s deeds
wisely choose
never betray
who and what
gave your gift
ahhh you see
that’s the crux
only scurry
control a bust
all we see
all we do
is hold our gift
to make it true

*lol* HAPPY DAY VERSE ..  walls are made to climb but some are just too high .. <3