New Picture


am i yours

yours to take

your possession

your very great

am i yours

do you own

piece by piece

stone by stone

am i yours

do as you wish

take this gift

displayed to sate

am i yours

await the taking

fire near breaking

want never dissipating

am i yours

hunger so great

kneel before my king

to do to sing to bring

am i yours

await this capture

heart possessed fractured

your only rapture



this was a dream last night, my desert king was trying to capture me lol oh i ran alright, but somehow he caught me and took what was his and only his (*whisper* i just wanted to see how bad he wanted me)  lol lol .. dang my dreams are wonderful, it was an amazing dream and i must have one vivid imagination .. 🙂 HAPPY DAY VERSE 🙂