KNEEL .. good girl !!! lol lol


✿ ❀✿ ❀✿ ❀

you’ve been a bad bad girl

what did i say my precious pearl

time for you to do as your told

no no, no speaking

punishment in keeping

what..what was that ??

tsk tsk such an infraction

time to give me some satisfaction

now bend over

let me peruse

glistening for me?

are you baby?

come here let me see

let me touch finger taste

delicious baby

but you been a bad bad girl

time to red

that tiny ass

mine at last

what was that?

one two three

is that enough

more i think maybe

four five..there

red is my prize

now my pearl

twirl around

dance for me

take it off

piece by piece

don’t stop

till i say

yes yes that’s the way

now my pearl

let me sit

on my throne

now come to me

time for you

look me in the eyes

see this steel

you made real

so now you CAN

take a taste ..but




bad bad Leslie .. gosh i am blushing ..  we must never take ourselves too seriously .. i prefer to laugh and love .. <3 that’s more fun .. <3 HAPPY DAY VERSE ..gym opens soon .. lol see why i workout so much lol lol too funny or what ..