i have a secret 

secret all my own

tiny little thing

my heart belongs

there in a box

tiny as i said

i hold the key

there it shall rest

yes my secret 

so dear

to all that is

tears to feeling

this endless

content rift

for in this box

housed safe

all that is me

all my magic

secrets reprieved

whole all 


my secret

hold it near

so dear

someday soon

feel it

come will

my dear

for once

key is found

once unlocked

bared to see

then all

my magic

will no longer


only to me

wondrous secret

if kept close

so close

maybe tell 

no one

what heart

haunts most

hold near

so dear



will come unlock

the KEY

*always in control leslie, ..we control nothing ..well except in business lol lol they have rules ..