i don’t know what to say 

or how to play that game

lost inside my mind

words the only time

empty blank gone

words that rhyme

words i spew

thing is say

what i do

i don’t know what to say

always hiding far away

so afraid to walk across

all i want to do is run 

and run and run

so much so much

feeling it’s touch

i don’t know what to say

always around

sending needing

wanting bleeding

feel that sound

no words all words

such need such want

living inside this

this ..endless haunt

taunts my soul

holds me prisoner

can’t move forward

can’t go back

tried to stop

that damned clock

fought hard strong

no place left to go

no one here to hold

nothing possessed counts

nothing left to say 

what is it what will i

see the stars at night

real ones like like

the movies show

how they glow

how they give

time to rest time to see

lay watch sip talk nothing




where i am going, i will see real live stars .. not city stars ..but A WHOLE sky full of them ..all around .. while i lay there and ..whisper  for my moons .. <3