high hail hear my call

hear my words to the all

let me pour my heart to you

say these words my soul true

allow a heart to understand

why you show then take all that

tell me this tell me now hear me

cry out loud ..screaming saying

give a pen then take away

all that a heart lives to pray

what will you have me do

which walk this walk bleed truth

will you continue taking me where

into the arms of who half life shared

tears for me and for you

failed one once let it must rest

no anger no more sad living alive

well and so so glad

continue the continuum as it is

sharing MY GIFT


i do not like crowds .. i am mostly a home body .. but i have that Leo in me that just loves to shine and dress up sometimes, then i have that bit of cowgirl in me that just must show them up .. what i got lol  lol i like conferences because i can change three or more times a day .. lol lol too funny or what .. You see it does not matter what happens or comes to be, or pass .. we always have second chances etc. etc. etc.  …infinite .. derivatives .. see the sea in front of me .. <3 .. wonder if people really believed that .. i think they would be less sad ..