Love Always, ME …

images (82)Dear Love,

I will love you an eternity. You will forever be in my heart. I will always think of you with love and only endearing thoughts. I will remember you, this life and forever more. When I think of a Kings, it will be you I see so pure. I will always feel your presence and always wish it to be.

I care for you so dearly, so much it tears my heart indeed. Would die to see to hold you. Just one more, one last time. So much a part and so far still. When I think of you tears will and do spill. A passion never burned so brightly, so hot it singed my soul. Took me places only said in tales regaled of old. Never was a  moment you were not in my thoughts my mind. Not a second that ticked ever were you very far behind.

But, this is not enough. It’s time to say goodbye. I must move on and live my life. Time still ticks for me it seems as if living only a dream. Reality comes to fore remembering your loving so pure.  Know you watch me from above, feel you when this life i can not endure. But my love my true heart, love  i must begin my start. Yes, find my love so great. 

I finally see this tragic wasted time wasted magic. Always will you own a part of this ever beating heart.  I will always remember who you were and who you are. Just time moves on and so must I.