Please Sir, spank me !!

Big bare butt spanked

spank me baby
been real bad
didn’t say Master
or yes Sir instead
been real bad
real bad bad girl
believe discipline
a firm hand
hold this pearl
so baby
oh sorry SIR ..
see how bad
see how much
i need that touch
need that red
sting and dread
so please Master
show me what
it means to be
possessed owned
controlled rushed
please SIR
spank me


i wrote this yesterday .. daydream poem XXX .. thinking if my Man was upset with me for something i did..which i pretty much stay in trouble lol lol so funny i thought …Now would I not deserve a harsh punishment ..poof this poem ..A spanking for being a bad bad girl .. lol lol now of course he would have to do two things ..1. catch me 2. refer to number 1. lol  lol lol