Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast
*my love, my beast*


so different

yet much the same

you the beauty

i the disdain

so different

this pull of me

this life how can

you live not see

you love

are a part of me

mind body soul

touching pure

so pure

hold never let go

walls fall before our feet

coat of arms all we see

how can you ask

ask that of me

let go of what

makes me breathe

you my BEAUTY

do not care what is lost

let them take it all

to have you near

close to my heart

my BEAUTY never release

this part of me

stay close allow embrace

protect you from

those grey days

with you here

by my side

golden things

matter naught

close your eyes

share with me

remember true

i am your BEAST

you will forever



I found this shot a while back and something made me keep it, i wanted to write a poem for it .. today seemed like a good day .. THANK u all for reading my work .. Have a great day .. *i really like this poem, i do not usually like my work* lol lol