ANIMAL ME .. grrrrrr
it is quite dangerous i am told
belongs in the wild naked bold
animal with spots stripes too
lightening shot black as blue
voracious delightful unpredictable pain
by the gods, animal burns hot to sin
many try capture tie bind hold
animal so wild very taming is bold
rare a rarer beast ever was borne
lives alone shadows hiding watching all
seen by few any lifetime thrall of eternal shine
more precious than diamonds frankincense or gold
have this animal, with it all treasures come
for it holds within all the magic knowing foretold
one power
must capture to possess

*i wrote this a few days ago*
yes i am an animal, can not fight what i am .. liberating to know ..i am a sexually assertive person .. oh i want it all the time once u get me started (ingenuity lol)  ..hence the *all or nothing kinda gal thing* … and oh baby what a ride you will have ..but gotta catch me first .. sheez funny (we have few gifts to offer in this life some are precious to me, mean something to me) … <3 LOVE AND LIGHT TO YOU ALL .. sure hope u have your snuggle bunny and your eating him all up ..and down and up SEE FUNNY <3