MY PETI Control Your Actions

Tell You When To Taste

Demand Your Pure Submission

Time To Show Me How Your Great

Torture Infinite

Pleasure Beyond Compare

Do As I Say

Only Way To Touch

Ever Taste

Now My Love My Pet

On Your Knees Now

This Pussy Is Dripping

Waiting For A Taste

Only One Lick

I Say

Not A Word

Not A Peep

One More Please

Lick To Tease

Oh Yes Yes

Like That

Good Boy



Take That Rod

Let Me See

Grip It

Show Me

Up and Down

Hold it Tight

Make it Glisten

Just So Right

Pump It

Look Me In the Eye

Show Me

What You Got

I May Taste My Pleasure

Take What I Wish

Suck You Dry Baby

Make You Moan

Come Here Now

Do As I Tell You

Time For Me To Taste

I Want My Nectar

I Must Have My Boy

My Oh So Yummy Toy

Now Come Here

Be A Good Boy


i am a writer and have one hec of an imagination .. dang ..surprises me too lol 🙂 bad Leslie .. HAPPY DAY VERSE ..