do you know who i am
do you care to ask
do you think about me
in that way that never lasts
do you sit and wonder
how it would be so
do you wish for wonders
watching the sun sow
do you have fantasies
of me in your arms
do you wish for embraces
that are so very warm
do you think of me daily
wish for me at night
do you hold another
but think of me at light
do you feel my vibrations
as if i were next to you
do you count the hours
that fates allows the two
do you really do
know me as i truly am
and still hold me too
knowing i have rants
can you still embrace me
when i am perfection past
can sit and ignore me
can you act as if u laughed
will you look upon me
when that day does come
and still love me
beyond this life beyond
if you can bear it
if your soul can breathe
if you can walk without me
then its just not meant to be….

if u truly love someone NOTHING IN THIS WORLD COULD OR WOULD KEEP YOU FROM THEM … its that simple …