Sending Stars ..


stood looking out

sky seems so high

stars shining brightly

skies blinking right

gold yellow black

twinkling calling out

wonder for a moment

what is i hear that shout

looking up listening

music in the skies

seeing pure magic

shiny shiny stars

flow through the air

with longing want

world continues twirling

always seeing stars

no matter distance

see them real as real

always shining prettily

viewing skies horizon’s

blink for fear disappear

closing eyes whispering

hear me feel my heart sear

arrow shot true straight might

bound through the cosmos

sending love cupid’s shot

flying through the stars

out and out to whom

catch the dreamy dreamer

arrow for the heart


my dream last night, i wrote this early this morning.. I dreamed i shot an arrow to the stars for my whomever could catch the dreamy dreamer’s arrow lol silly i know .. hey it was a dream lol

.. LOVE AND LIGHT TO U ALL <3 I hope you have your love in your arms and you are watching the stars .. <3

Author: Leslie Stockton

I am a Poet it seems. But I am many things this is just a small part of who I am. I write *Love Ballads* and *Erotic* prose. This is my little world you see. My passions are *Art* *Music* *Poetry* *Health & Fitness* *Outdoor Activities* *Fashion* *Costuming* ..etc etc. I am a Leo except the part about being in the spotlight *whispers* my preference is home by a fire. I have many belief’s; like signs, patterns, numbers, colors, everything has an energy you see. All things!! To me anyway. That interaction we experience is a kind of sending and receiving of vibrations to me. The cliche’ ..DARK TO LIGHT applies. We are all connected and share *a something* which can not be defined nor understood in our current state of development. So within my limited brain capacity that is what i have chosen to believe in its barest form. But i follow my instincts and try to be a better human. If you ever met me, well I have been told I leave a lasting impression. May the Verse Be with You. ≧◠◡◠≦✌

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