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Woman speaking:


how can you resist delicious

oh so tastey delerious

take you higher trickster

blow you into a twister

aren’t you hungry

for some oh so yummy

better than candy

sweeter than chocolate

silker than honey

dripping so lecious

tell me baby

how can you really

resist a little of this

oh a lot of miss

pumping grinding

holding all of it

saying telling


Man speaking …

*scream baby*

push it back

show me how much

you want this dick

how hard how soft

i own this all

show you what

show you how strong

pound you ground you

give what you need

only way i can resist

unless ..hit hit

unless..more more

you scream my name



Man and Woman:

DICK:     yes…

JANE:     yes…


lol bad leslie .. my favorite position is from behind .. i just love a man to grab my hips .. holding oh so tight .. pulling my long hair .. telling me .. over and over .. scream for me baby .. lol lol a bit descriptive i think lol but you get the idea YES .. lol lol  <3 *whispers* .. that is why all my tats are on the back of my body .. lol lol well except the one on my inner thigh ..  lol lol  now how can you resist?? lol lol 🙂

Author: Leslie Stockton

I am a Poet it seems. But I am many things this is just a small part of who I am. I write *Love Ballads* and *Erotic* prose. This is my little world you see. My passions are *Art* *Music* *Poetry* *Health & Fitness* *Outdoor Activities* *Fashion* *Costuming* ..etc etc. I am a Leo except the part about being in the spotlight *whispers* my preference is home by a fire. I have many belief’s; like signs, patterns, numbers, colors, everything has an energy you see. All things!! To me anyway. That interaction we experience is a kind of sending and receiving of vibrations to me. The cliche’ ..DARK TO LIGHT applies. We are all connected and share *a something* which can not be defined nor understood in our current state of development. So within my limited brain capacity that is what i have chosen to believe in its barest form. But i follow my instincts and try to be a better human. If you ever met me, well I have been told I leave a lasting impression. May the Verse Be with You. ≧◠◡◠≦✌

1 thought on “DICK and JANE”

  1. i am such a goober ……….. gym won’t open till 1pm dang it .. hope you guys got strong hands .. cause i know ladies love em lol lol HAPPY DAY GUYS be happy 🙂

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