Infinitas ..

sparkly lights
sparkly lights


what lies tomorrow

unknown and unseen

which road taken

will take me there indeed

which eyes will hold

cause time to stand still

which hand will reach

hold and never let go

which embrace touch

warm a soul full of love

which heart beat will i hear

for this and all eternity’s

which soul will give

all that and infinity


I am blessed in so many ways, that i am alive and have achieved so much in the last two years .. I am physically in better shape then i was at 30 and mentally i am still working on being stronger .. it’s just time to LIVE MY LIFE .. the god’s want me happy …I am content guys, i lead a boring life and workout too much and tmi way too much…laugh too loud..jump around like a energize bunny, but i have a few good friends and  i may be poor but i still know that *i have more than most* .. <3 what a journey this has been .. I know how to love now and i am not afraid anymore.. LIFE IS THE ADVENTURE and i am so excited to see where it takes me lol lol  .. <3 smiling all the way of course lol lol

LOVE AND LIGHT TO U ALL <3 one year anniversary of sorts .. no more on that ..

Author: Leslie Stockton

I am a Poet it seems. But I am many things this is just a small part of who I am. I write *Love Ballads* and *Erotic* prose. This is my little world you see. My passions are *Art* *Music* *Poetry* *Health & Fitness* *Outdoor Activities* *Fashion* *Costuming* ..etc etc. I am a Leo except the part about being in the spotlight *whispers* my preference is home by a fire. I have many belief’s; like signs, patterns, numbers, colors, everything has an energy you see. All things!! To me anyway. That interaction we experience is a kind of sending and receiving of vibrations to me. The cliche’ ..DARK TO LIGHT applies. We are all connected and share *a something* which can not be defined nor understood in our current state of development. So within my limited brain capacity that is what i have chosen to believe in its barest form. But i follow my instincts and try to be a better human. If you ever met me, well I have been told I leave a lasting impression. May the Verse Be with You. ≧◠◡◠≦✌

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