Door’s Open…

listen heed

signs are seen

laid before

time begins

two mountains

strength of ten

bound by

unknown thing

listen heed

become brings

powerful most

unimaginable rings

listen heed

see the see

time warp speed

lighting brightly

will it bring

seek you will

make is done

only if

two are one

own worlds

stamped dated

listen heed

close eye

open doors unrealized

red door blue door

timeline bends

fewer now then then

just remember

whispered winds

sending all

must be done

or gone like the wind


?????? i know what it is, i dreamed it .. i will not go into detail but it’s about two people i see in the verse .. this is not about me at all .. it just popped out .. i know what it means ..


let me just say this .. right now today cosmically is a GOOD day to see and make whatever you wish happen .. that is all i can say ..

Author: Leslie Stockton

I am a Poet it seems. But I am many things this is just a small part of who I am. I write *Love Ballads* and *Erotic* prose. This is my little world you see. My passions are *Art* *Music* *Poetry* *Health & Fitness* *Outdoor Activities* *Fashion* *Costuming* ..etc etc. I am a Leo except the part about being in the spotlight *whispers* my preference is home by a fire. I have many belief’s; like signs, patterns, numbers, colors, everything has an energy you see. All things!! To me anyway. That interaction we experience is a kind of sending and receiving of vibrations to me. The cliche’ ..DARK TO LIGHT applies. We are all connected and share *a something* which can not be defined nor understood in our current state of development. So within my limited brain capacity that is what i have chosen to believe in its barest form. But i follow my instincts and try to be a better human. If you ever met me, well I have been told I leave a lasting impression. May the Verse Be with You. ≧◠◡◠≦✌

2 thoughts on “Door’s Open…”

  1. i am writing another one .. for C and B .. so they will know .. and maybe they will listen .. C will endure .. B will ?? don’t know yet ..they have not told me yet .. its misty so far ..

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