You sit behind your little box

looking out at life’s spark

you do all as much as you can

hope you shared life’s fast frame

can and say all you want

its how we share how we walk

beyond each bite each word said

if a soul can not forgive


but a rhyme

your wrong…so wrong

this i preach

live by my words you hide behind

time will take ticks ticks on by

…can not live like you all

…become a sad tale to fall

…i will cry and cry again

…before i let humanity win

…i chose pain over gain any day

…do i care if i win

…let the journey begin

you want a tale of a sad life

…what they did to make me hide

…same old story in the end

…who cares really its all been spent

…pain my friend

…each and every day

…no sad life cry for me

for each strike you play

each time you take away

you allow that DARK TO STAY

….now you see

like it or nor turn it off

call it block

but you see

as i have said

some bad books

are meant to be read ..


I WILL LIVE MY LIFE THE WAY I WANT ..DO WHAT I WANT ..WHEN I WANT .. no one OWNS ME or TELLS ME WHAT TO DO (well unless its my Man or my Mom) lol lol  i just do not understand why some feel the need to spread DARK .. karma is so powerful ..sad for them i am ..

Author: Leslie Stockton

I am a Poet it seems. But I am many things this is just a small part of who I am. I write *Love Ballads* and *Erotic* prose. This is my little world you see. My passions are *Art* *Music* *Poetry* *Health & Fitness* *Outdoor Activities* *Fashion* *Costuming* ..etc etc. I am a Leo except the part about being in the spotlight *whispers* my preference is home by a fire. I have many belief’s; like signs, patterns, numbers, colors, everything has an energy you see. All things!! To me anyway. That interaction we experience is a kind of sending and receiving of vibrations to me. The cliche’ ..DARK TO LIGHT applies. We are all connected and share *a something* which can not be defined nor understood in our current state of development. So within my limited brain capacity that is what i have chosen to believe in its barest form. But i follow my instincts and try to be a better human. If you ever met me, well I have been told I leave a lasting impression. May the Verse Be with You. ≧◠◡◠≦✌

1 thought on “YOUR LITTLE BOX”

  1. My poem *Your Temptation* brought the crazies out .. thank u everyone .. really <3 i am learning to center my mad with music and words only .. ok gym time too lol lol SPREAD SOME HAPPY GUYS .. a smile can change a life .. <3

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